Market Fluidity was designed to keep in mind the simplistic nature of the markets. Here you will learn all about candles, and how they create zones and tell stories for you to anticipate moves even before they happen.

Whenever you sign up, just be prepared to work hard. As a coach, we will work with you TWICE as hard, so you don’t have to. That means we need a seemingly robust communication system. For that we have “Slack”. The reason we chose Slack, is due to how overwhelmingly organized it is.

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Learn to tell stories through candles

Candle sticks have been primarily ignored for the most part. You must have heard or read about, WAIT FOR CANDLES TO CLOSE. The reason why that has been said is because candle closes will let you know whether the zones will be respected or rejected, whether wicks will be filled or the wick will act as a exhaustion etc. With “Market Fluidity” we HEAVILY rely on candles, because think about it, all we see is a candle stick chart from a micro perspective. Thats it. We dont know what institutions are doing, what banks are doing, I mean, we have an IDEA but not entirely sure. So focusing on CANDLES and PRICE ACTION is the KEY !

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